Many foreigners attend our church.

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Most of the following activities are held in Finnish.

Children's Ministry

All children are warmly welcomed to our choirs »

There are also clubs, Royal Rangers scout activities, camps, and children's meetings.

On Fridays, we have Wartti Evenings for 5th- and 6th-graders (ages 11-12).

On Sundays there is a Sunday school during the Sunday service.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry in our church is wide-ranging.

The WE evenings for teenagers are held on Fridays at 7 p.m. and they gather together young people between ages 12 and 16.

On Saturdays, young people (age 17 and up) gather in the Lost & Found -meetings at 7 p.m.
Translation into English is provided.

We also have a Student gatherings in our church. The meetings are on Wednesdays.

Camps for people of different ages are held at Pälkäne, at the camping site of our church.

Youth pastor: Jarkko Lindqvist


Our church produces christian TV programs for children (in Finnish language). They are broadcasted via TV 7.

Lasten Kotipuu

Music and Choir Activities

The Pentecostal churches are known for their versatile musical activities. Children, youth, adult and senior choirs gather people to sing together. The brass band and several soloists have also served in many of our meetings.

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